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From Last Week, Plus Album Covers

The words "Dirt Waffle" popped into my head, and I thought that would make a good name for a Rock Band.  I took a couple of the photos from last week and turned them into "Album Covers", and wrote a little "background" for the band:

So, dug up a couple of the DIRT WAFFLE albums I still have. Breakfast In Bedlam is the first album of their "Meal Trilogy" (FreeLoader Lunch and My Dinner With Andre The Giant were the other two). For Ice And Cigs, they augmented their original line-up (Lars Trudeau - Keytar, Mel Tomczak - bass, Zamfir Stankbot Jr - Drums) with steam-mellotron ace Monty WodeHouse (formerly of The Electric Can-Opener and Toilet Spies). Cigs On Ice was their last album on the Sad Klown label; attempts to sign with other major labels came to nothing, and their final album, HAMmer & Eggs was self published on 8-Track (copies of which may be found in the trunk of an abandoned '72 Chevy Vega, somewhere in Kansas).